EC: wrong rune/location color text in runic atlas

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  1. Open a runic atlas.  Note the locations are color coded.
  2. Do NOT right click close the open atlas.
  3. Open a different runic atlas.  Note the locations are incorrectly color coded.
GumpsParsing.lua, GumpsParsing.MainParsingCheck()

not exhaustively tested fix, comment out thse lines
		--if GumpsParsing.ParsedGumps[gumpID] then

If you close the open runic atlas at step 2, the problem doesn't reproduce.  Basically, the gump color processing code never executes in the repro case.

I didn't see an obvious down side to doing this for all gumps.  Alternately, the processing for the atlas could be moved to ShowHide.  This change may affect other gumps too, post what you encounter.

Also, something strange in GumpsParsing.lua, GumpsParsing.DestroyGump():

The line now commented out appears to be a copy-paste error,

GumpsParsing.ParsedGumps[gumpID] = nil
GumpsParsing.ToShow[gumpID] = nil
--GenericGump.GumpsList[windowName] = nil

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