VvV gargoyle epaulette non-repairable

RinerRiner Posts: 357
The VvV version of the gargoyle epaulette is not repairable from a work bench regardless of which type of contract is used. I tried each contract multiple times. The all give the message this is not repairable with this type of contract.


  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,974Moderator
    I think you'll find all epaulettes are unrepairable :(
  • YoshiYoshi Posts: 3,322
    edited February 2023
    "this issue has already been reported

    as a temp fix you can circumvent the repair bug by transmogging it onto a repairable item, EG robe

    if you require a transmog potion please let me know the shard and i'll provide one free of charge as a gesture of goodwill.

    please note this poster has no affiliation with broadsword or its staff, provision of temporary fix is not admission of liability of fault, gifted item may be non vendorable"

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  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,974Moderator
    Note: This is NOT a bug, it is intended that the VvV item wear out, requiring players to purchase a new one.
  • YoshiYoshi Posts: 3,322
    edited February 2023
    "lol no it isn't, you could just say that about every single bug - is intended,  then they don't have to fix any.
    Kyronix said that before but I'm sure he made mistake it's why he removed post (dead links), they are already Antique, and same cost as other repairable VvV items. Why would only this one VvV item be not repairable + Antique? it's not even powerful, it's just 5hci, you get clean non VvV cloak of death with no dura with 3hci, 3dci, 3sdi..

    If it was intended, it would be labelled, cannot be repaired and so you would not be able to repair it after transmog either, which is not the case.

    If they introduce new arti epaulette with dura, or plain one that you can transmog onto, they will have to fix issue and make it repairable. Just because it doesn't affect trammel players now, it could do in future so cannot be overlooked like all other PvP related bugs. Many robe slot items not currently repairable: tabard, parrot, monk robe, they will fix soon because many paying customers have bought robe transmog potion for real $ from uostore and transmogged their robe mantle of archlich onto them and they need to repair them, this may be fixed at same time as they fix parrot/tabard/and all other non repairable robe slot pieces"
    Posts on this account have been pre filtered from personal comment or opinion in an effort to suppress conservative views in order to protect the reader.
  • RinerRiner Posts: 357
    @Mariah I have to agree with @Yoshi that this is definitely a bug. It seems to far out of place to have it be intentional when it is the only item from VvV which does that, and why would it burn up in a few hours of dungeon play.

    Also, I wasn't aware that the parrot wasn't repairable, the only one I have I put a hawkwinds on so it inherited it's ability to self repair.

    And thank you for the offer of the transmog potion but that's alright had planned on replacing them with a robe from Blackthorns anyway this just speeds up my time line.

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