Mysticism enchant weapon incompatibility

ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 795
Bug / change request

Enchant weapon spell adds a temporary Spell Channeling (if high enough skill), and a selectable hit effect to an equipped weapon.

However, if the weapon has any type of hit effect, even if it matches the enchant hit spell type, the spell outright fails with "This weapon already has a hit spell effect and cannot be enchanted".

Expected result:

Enchant weapon should succeed and at least add spell channeling, if the weapon already has a hit spell effect.  OR:
Enchant weapon should succeed, and modify the % on the hit spell effect on the weapon, if the weapon hit spell type matches the enchant hit spell type.

Example weapon:

"Stone Slith Claw", demon slayer with hit harm 40% and no spell channeling.  Enchant weapon should at least add Spell Channeling (with existing skill check), OR better yet, Spell Channeling and a potentially higher hit harm %.


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