Pirates Raiding Britain's shipping lanes!!

 Word has been spreading about pirates raiding ships around Britain!! We are looking into these reports and hope to have more news in a day or two! If you know anything about these pirates please reach out to the Governor's Office with information - signed, Riner, Governor of Britain - Great Lakes (edited)

Further updates will be posted on the City of Britain Bullentin Board, on the UO.com Great Lakes forum, and on the GOF discord Events Channel!


  • stalrevstalrev Posts: 19
    The Pirate council has no knowledge, nor were these sanctioned raids by the council. This must be work of a rogue element outside the council. We will look further into this as well.

  • RinerRiner Posts: 374

    We have learned that a ship is currently docked in the harbor in Britain. This is a large ship with green markings. Although it’s name reflects a connection with the Guild of Friends checking has shown that it is not connected to them. It is believed that this ship has ties to the Pirates, but I need Proof. I hereby authorize the search of the ship and it’s hold for such evidence. Please only take the evidence you find as we don’t want to alert them to the investigation. Any evidence found may be exchanged for a reward on January 28, at 1:00 pm CST in the Britain Commons. Thank you, Riner Governor of Britain.

    OOC: Each participant will be allowed to redeem one piece of evidence for a reward. The rewards will be randomly determined and range from vet rewards to major artifacts and gold. Pieces of evidence will be added to the ships hold at random times each day and clearly marked as evidence. Simply take the marked evidence and return it to the Governor on the 28th of January. If you cannot make the official distribution time, contact Governor Riner, and plan to receive one of the remaining rewards.

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