Buying Rares!

RubyKnightRubyKnight Posts: 192
Looking to purchase the following items. Please ICQ 568300481  me if you have any of them you'd be willing to sell. Thanks!

3 Dull Copper Ingots that do not have Dull Copper Tag
3 Copper Ingots that do not have the copper tag
3 Bronze Ingots that do not have the Bronze Tags
3 Gold Ingots that do not have the Gold Tag
3 Ranger Armor Green Ingots

Server Birth Tray
Server Birth Connected Silverware
Server Birth Pitcher
Server Birth Dirty Pots and Pans
Server Birth Pots and Pans 

Rubble Picnic Table Benches 2 E/W 1 2 N/S

Boots of Enchanted Origin

Soap (from dungeon)
ICQ 568300481


  • RubyKnightRubyKnight Posts: 192
    This is on Atlantic.
    ICQ 568300481
  • RubyKnightRubyKnight Posts: 192
    Boots of Enchanted Origin and Soap have been purchased. Here are a few other I tems I would like to buy.

    3 Sets of East/West Facing Picnic Benches. Just need the 2 part one. No need for the middle pieces.
    1 Dark Grey "Royal Britannian Guard" Sash, not the "Member of" version.
    Connected Cannon Balls. Not sure if the Server Birth and the Ricardo ARC versions are the same but either one will do.
    4 Wooden Chairs of Exceptional Quality. The ones with the wooden seats.
    Also looking for woodworking tools of Exceptional Quality.
    ICQ 568300481
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