Who Stole Christmas?

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Grumble the Ice King looked out of his window at the twinkling,
sparkling lights below him in the city. Faint music and song
reached his ears of the carolers walking the streets singing.
Beautiful trees stood adorned and sparkling with their lights
in the city square and through out the city. Even the houses
and shops had their decorations up.
"Bah ..Christmas", Grumble muttered. Grumble was jealous of
all the attention Santa was getting. Grumble had made the city and
lands all beautiful with glistening snow, lovely icicles hanging
from the eaves, a true winter wonderland and did he get recognition?
Nooooo it was all given to that big fat, red suited, white bearded old man called Santa!
Pacing back and forth, his icy finger tapping his frozen nose,
Grumble started to hatch a plan. His icy grin widened as he
called out to his little minion.
" Jack! Come here! I know just what to do!", he yelled.
Jack came bouncing in and listened as Grumble told him his plan.
"We will steal Christmas! All the decorations, the trees, the lights,
EVERYTHING to do with Christmas." Grumble cackled." Jack bounced up
and down with glee at Grumbles plan.
"Go..get your crew started on this, but be silent and don't get caught!" Grumble said. Jack bounced out the door and called for
the others to come hear the plan.
Fetch the Elf, who was the chief elf in charge of all things Christmas, headed out to check the Christmas trees and reindeer.
As she skipped along happily singing a Christmas song,
she came across a stump, then another, and another.
" Whats all this", she thought to herself. She heard the sound
of an axe chopping away and icy chattering coming from further
along the path. Creeping up slowly she hid behind a tree and saw
strange icy creatures loading up trees. She watched as they
pointed at the Reindeer pen and icy waves came from their
pointy fingers. Laughing bone chilling shrieks the creatures
suddenly disappeared with the trees in a icy cloud.
Running to where the creatures disappeared, Fetch looked around
in stunned silence. Most of the Christmas trees had been chopped
down. Running to the Reindeer enclosure, Fetch gasped at the sight.
The Reindeer were frozen in place, turned into Icy statues and Santa's
Sleigh and Bag were missing! She ran towards town and gasped in disbelief, all the Christmas Decorations were missing too! No trees, no lights, just tinsel strewn around where things had be yanked down.
Fetch turned and ran as fast as her little elf legs would let her to go tell Santa what she had witnessed.....

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