Special Alert! Krampus Spotted!


Special Alert! Krampus Spotted!

December 6, 2022

Special Alert!

Citizens are advised to take caution as the vile creature known as Krampus has been spotted in the lands of Britannia!


Krampus will conclude on or about January 5, 2023


  • Sometimes I just can't stop myself and have to post it.

  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 2,145
    Looks like Krampus was turned off with the shard maintenance so Jan 5 was indeed the last full day to do it.

    I did quite a bit of Krampus hunting during the time he was up and all said and done I was well over 60 drops (started using a second account with various chars at 1 item trades to help spawn him). Unfortunately I never got the staff recipe in 60+ drops and surprisingly I didn't get any of most older items (branch/snowballs/punishing list). I only got 2 cards out of all the drops. 

    Here is a rough breakdown of what I got (I started just tossing bags with wrist watches etc so I don't have a well documented breakdown).

    15 recipes (hat/boots/whips) - No staff and no orb recipe this year
    15 titles 
    30+ coin purses

    I guess the ratio of recipes/titles/purses was pretty decent although at this point the titles are trash. I can't even give them away to most people. Like I said, I did see a fair share of recipes (mostly hats/boots) so I guess the chance at the recipe for the staff was there but the RNG just never hit. The 30+ coin purses was fine given all the different things that come in them so no real complaint there BUT I only received a total of 6 stars and 2 cards out of those 30+ drops and the rest were the ranger tunic / naughty gloves / broken wristwatch. That seems broken. Hopefully that will be looked into for next year.
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