Filled Screen with Masspells from uggly scripts

YAST (Yet another scripters topic)
I got this mass enemy of one on both event from yesterday. On Drachenfels and also Europa somebody filled our screens with mass spells which filling the left half of my screen. I dunno if this happens because  i use UOAssist and show hidden power words but it really disturbing this quality of bad written scripts. Please optimize you multi whatever play.


  • MerlinMerlin Posts: 181
    There is an option to turn off spell text from appearing overhead (atleast in EC).  Can be a pain in the butt to do in PVP sometimes when you want to see what's being casted without necessarily the constant spawning, but helpful for EM events where there is just an absurd amount of people casting same spells again and again to the point that your journal becomes impossible to find anything.  
  • YoshiYoshi Posts: 3,322
    “It’s uoassist problem
    uncheck to show hidden power words, and they will only show above head of caster”
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  • ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 683
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    In trammel (say all non felucca ruleset area), the server should simply stop sending this spell text to all players (*) in the area.  That's a step towards reducing lag at EM and other populated events and may save a little on the ingress/egress network bill too..

    (*) spellcaster would still receive the text.
  • usernameusername Posts: 501
    I see this a lot at EM events: it happens when the player dies their shitty script/client bugs out and spam casts spells. It should be an insta-ban because it does cause noticeable server lag and it casts faster than a legitimate player/hotkey could cast. Their cheat program likely floods the server with packets.
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  • Did an EM seriously use Chief Paroxy as the base template for an event boss again? Lmao. They were told to stop doing that because Chief Paroxy's abilities allow him to insta kill and devour any pet/summon, which full heals him. Makes him impossible to kill at EM events with everyone siccing pets and summons on him.
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