EM Event Schedule | December 2022

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Here’s event schedule for December

Main Event - SECRET | The Nightmares Before Christmas

Friday December 2nd 09:00PM KST (GMT+9)

Meeting Place: Trammel, Britain EM Hall

Daria barely escaped from the mysterious creature that Ryan released for the trackers from the Company. She got mad at him first because the creature he released had an ability to sneak one’s mind and it brought her worst memory. But she able to calmed herself and start to think what she should do.

There’s only one thing she should do before she act. But she needed someone who can trust and help her. She couldn’t trust anyone. She doesn’t like this but she has no other option. She begin to send messages.

After that, she grabbed her winter gears. She went to one of finest tailor’s shop in town. She needs more clothes to get there. It will be freezing there. 


Please do not cast mass spells causing lag except for combat purpose. It causes too much lag to the others and EM as well to proceed the event scenario and may delay the event.

Please do not cast gate travel to anyone nearby that may lead the others accidentally get into. I’ve been witness someone who did on purpose multiple times, and such action shall not be tolerated in future.

If EM witness inappropriate actions including above, EM will deal with them; not just pause the event and warn them but also report to GMs to take care of.

Governor Meeting

There’s no governor meeting this month due to we don’t have much active governors at this time. However, if you’re interested in this position and willing to do its duty, please send an email. But you must qualified for the position to be appointed. Following royal cities and citizens are awaiting governors:

  • Jhelom
  • Minoc
  • Moonglow
  • Skara Brae
  • Trinsic
  • Yew

See you in Britannia.

EM Nihil

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