Vet returning - No idea where to start

Last I played, Doom was the hot spot to grind. It looks like we've added a few more things to the game since haha. Love some direction and looking to build a tamer of sorts. Any help with a build would be great and where to start hah, thank you! 


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    Invest in a mythic token !
  • whats that and where do i get one lol

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    If you got your old account back go to Deceit where the current main event is being held and get some drops you can turn in or sell.  If not build up you basic skills in New Haven, till you get into a guild.  Good luck in the game.  Would not recommend the Mythic token unless you know what you are doing. You don’t need it for basic warrior or magery type skills but it is recommended for tamers.
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    Yeah you need to have a solid plan before you use a mythic token. Some skills people choose can be finished manually in a matter of hours-days making it a poor choice. 

    There are several tamer temps. I've always suggested a discord tamer just because it's very effective and you won't have to spend a ton of gold like you would with the standard mage/eval tamer has to with spell damage increase items. 

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    I agree that the Mythic token is a good tool to get a instant character to five skills to 90, but if you have not played for some time I strongly suggest you do as others said.  Research the information link above and ask questions from those skilled players on your home shard.  Regarding the Discord tamer, I would say you do not need to be a bard/tamer as today you can give discord to your pet.  I have seen several Discord pets discord the beast/monster they fighting. ; They have more information regarding training up your pets with power scrolls.
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    Regarding the tamers, my main is a Tamer/mage/spell weaver ( I have 2).  I have a few more on my home shard that are just the normal mage/EV tamers, plus one peace tamer.  But the ones I used across several shards are Mysticism/Mage/Tamers.  Except one, there I have a Necromancy/mage/tamer
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    Drakelord said:
    Regarding the Discord tamer, I would say you do not need to be a bard/tamer as today you can give discord to your pet.

    It's all on what you like. You can either leave the pet open for more offense or leave the character more open. I just try not to sway new/returning players into a template that's going to cost a bunch for items. Solid SDI suits can get rather pricey. 

    Necro tamer is really fun. Archer tamer. I've got a sdi tamer with weaving and med for unlimited WoD. 

    If i ever get time to go on test and see if onslaught stacks with discord and grasping claw i will be making a samp tamer. 

    But the OP needs to stick to the basics until he gets a feel for things again. 
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    My .02 - every account should have the following  :

    1 - Sampire - Several variations here but this is a warrior with the required skills - Necro (99 to cast vampiric embrace), Weapon Skill 120 (most people choose swords),  Tactics 120, Bushido (100-120) and at least 65 chiv to get around.   The option skills are thinks like Anatomy (more damage), or magic resist (to avoid para ganks etc), Parry (combines with bushido to avoid being hit even with two handed weapons).    You need max dex and high str with items for more mana.  Your suit needs to be all 70's with 95 fire so when you cast vampiric embrace your fire resist is still 70.  The suit pieces need to have lower mana cost and then stamina and HP if you can.  Goal of this toon is you gain health every time you hit something through vampiric embrace so you want to swing fast and hit lots of things.  This works well at much of the content.  Don't worry if you can't afford 120's - start with 110's and then as you rack up money upgrade.  Yes perfect suits are hundreds of millions but you can find a workable suit on most shards from vendor items 100k or less a piece.  If you can use bone and studded armor pieces for extra mana reduction.  

    2- Tamer - Required skills - Taming/Lore/Vet.   You can add from there.  Magery for extra healing.  Spellweaving for word of death or as people have listed here disco and music etc.   But get tame/lore to a point you can tame a cu sidhe (easiest if your tamer is an elf) and then train up the cu sidhe to level 5.  With a fully trained cu sidhe even at just 110 skills - its a monster.  Can participate in most of the content in game.  Use Vet and magery to heal. 

    3 - Mage - Magery/Eval/Med  then add things like necro for a necro mage, or mystic and spellweaving, or weapon skill and poisoning or whatever.  But a pure mage has lots of uses to throw EV's and the like and fight from a distance.   

    4 - Crafter of some sort - So you can equip your toons above when needed (especially sampire weapons).   Blacksmith/Tailoring/Tinkining/Arms Lore and Imbuing.  With those you can make most of the equipment you need.   Yes you can hire this out - but its helpful to have these especially the imbuing as your toons get better and you want to make a few specific pieces to fill in. 

    Now if you are into PVP - thats another animal and I can't comment but you would be creating PvP versions of toons which always seem to combine magery and fighting with sometimes things like nijitsu or taming.   
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