Enhancing gargish stone amulets is a no - op

Enhancing gargish stone amulets with colored ore only changes the color of the target item, without applying material bonuses.  That's inconsistent with other gargish stone armor pieces. 

Also, the difficulty of enhancing a stone amulet does often require a "forged metal" tool, and this enhance operation will consume charges while producing no beneficial material bonus result.

Gargoyles already take a penalty in the neck slot for e.g. luck -- no leurocian's mempo of fortune, no recipe to convert a mempo of fortune, etc.

Expected result:  gargish stone amulet to receive ore color bonuses consistent with other gargoyle stone armor pieces.


  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,974Moderator
    I am sorry, I should have included a note on the stonecrafting and blacksmith pages. I believe this relates to the information on the Tinkering page:
    Note: Gargish necklaces and earrings do not benefit from material bonuses via standard crafting or via enhancement

    As amulets take the place of necklaces, the same rule applies.

  • ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 795
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    The stone amulet limitation is inconsistent with the behavior of human armor.

    yes, a tinker crafted necklace, the 200 luck necklace, etc, cannot be enhanced, whether it's human or gargish.  That's an inherent limitation with tinkering.

    The gargish stone amulet (not a tinkering craftable) is meant to be on par with studded leather armor in terms of LMC and material behavior (requires mage armor, else not medable, etc).  You can enhance a human studded gorget, but you cannot enhance the gargoyle equivalent (gargish stone amulet).

  • ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 795
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    Example enhanced stone chest:

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