Vrulkax the Exalted artificer deletes items

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In the royal city of Ter Mur, Vrulkax (at the soul forge) will convert certain human artifacts to gargoyle equivalents.

If you hand Vrulkax a scholars halo which has been transmogrified to a bone helmet, he will outright delete the halo, without handing you back the gargoyle equivalent. 

The halo that was deleted was also blessed using a clothing bless deed prior to the transmogrify.

Does not delete a non-transmogrified halo.


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    “You cannot altar a transmogrified item, as this lead to exploits, but he should also not accept it so that is a bad bug.
    Try calling a GM, it’s possible it’s still in his backpack”
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    "GM cannot replace lost items."

    I don't think this goes into his pack anyway, can probably check on Siege.

    Stuff goes into other NPC packs - when you drop on them -- where they don't have conversion logic.

    Other related bugs here:
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    This is still very much true today.

    Just tested on TC1, 116.1 patch.

    It's strange that you'd spend real money for an item (transmog potion), and that effectively downgrades the item, leading it to be outright deleted in some cases.

    I got a good chuckle when I handed Vrulkrax the helmet, it made a nice sound effect, and the item was then deleted.

    More background:

    The transmogrified helmet in question was transmogrified on a production shard, and the character holding it was transferred to TC1 for the above test.

    Keep in mind this probably affects any transmogrified (doom artifact) item, it's just I had a bone helmet.  Also note the final iteration of code development of head transmog landed on "Mage Armor" being added to a non-medable target item, when the source item was medable.  But that's probably a red herring.

    Somebody also removed the transmog potion dispenser from TC1 -  not a particularly friendly way to have people test :)
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