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Gossip Column / Dear Addy

Well hold on to your Knickers, there’s lots of gossip this month, I am not sure where to start. Let’s begin with top priority, the King, oh boy was the Governors meeting something else. Beginning with Governor Frey of Jhelom, a normally mellow guy that never rocks any ships, BAM, he begins with the announcement that most Governors believe the King should take a hike, well maybe not exactly those words but come on basically same thing, right? Not only did the Kings jaw drop I think he had his tongue out searching for flys at the same time. After that eye opener next came Pitr of New Magincia, oh and do not think it began to calm down after the last Governor, oh heck no, Pitr announces Magincia was emancipated, defining that as fatherless. Wait are we to look at the King as our Daddy? Next to report was Jaden Rain, who could hardly sit still and seemed to be having a meltdown demanding a new type of Royal Guard, I even think the King was rolling his eyes, skipping to the other side of the table. Governor Chanticlear of Trinsic began his report, agreeing with both Frey and Jaden, yet I can not really say much bad about Governor Chanticlear with him being the Kingdoms heart throb I think most of the ladies were having hot flashes just watching him. Next Governor Kaz had his turn and the drama was not at an end even then, he spoke up about how the Council of mages had very little faith left in the King, ( think the King had a little sweat on his brow on that one) our usual dramatic Governor was next Governor Xuri, little humor here, I am not sure she knew what to say except she had no faith in the King as well, Now by the time it got to the prim and proper Governor Bytor of Vesper the King was getting a relief with his  kind demeanor but deep down we all know that Bytor agrees for a new Royal Guard, last but definitely not least sweet little Governor Idril who has occasionally let the King have it but I think this go around she pretty much was just sitting smiling at everything brought up for the evening . And that my friends was just the Governor’s meeting since then there has been much more drama in the land of hootenannies and gossip. 
Jaden Rain
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