Minoc Mud Palace Premiere 7-14 *PM Eastern

In an effort to revitalize downtown Minoc and give the sailors from Scurvy Brae something to do other than tear up the town while their ships are in port, his righteous dudeness Governor d'Anconia secured backers to create the first mud arena in the realm. Unfortunately, the establishment would not have met the proper zoning requirements under the King's code. A petition was made and turned down.

Luckily the backers were not discouraged and land was secured just east of Minoc across the bridges and south of the road on the water. The Minoc Mud Palace now has a permanent home over the Mud in Yer Eye tavern.

Opening night will be Thursday, July 14th with the innaugural matches beginning at 8P eastern.

The proprietors are still looking for willing contestants. Contact d'Anconia if interested in testing your skill.


  • Single elimination tournament

    First place 10 million gold
    Second place 5 million gold

    Matches will be in 3 rounds with no breaks between rounds. i.e. keep fighting- announcer will announce new rounds.

    Rounds 1 and 2 will last 2 minutes each. Round 3 lasts until winner is declared

    Fighters start at opposite sides of ring and move towards one another for combat (if at any time a fighter does not move or fight for 3 seconds, crowd may throw potions or cast flaming arrow at fighter to encourage participation)

    Victory: Kill your opponent or opponent taps out by leaving ring (leaving ring to avoid fighting or get around oppenent results in forfeit of match) (if a contestant glitches through the floor they will be permitted to return to the ring)

    No armor, clothing, weapons, jewelry, talismans or other items with resists, skills or any buffs
    Passive mastery buffs permitted
    No weapons
    No shields
    No potions
    No bandages
    No healing stones
    No instruments or barding skills permitted
    No pets
    No summoning of any sort

    Wrestling special moves and masteries are permitted

    Round 1

    No Bushido
    No Chivalry
    No Ninjutsu or chivalry
    No magery, spellweaving, necromancy, mysticism
    No hiding or stealthing

    Round 2
    Hiding and stealthing permitted (if audience feels a fighter is avoiding contact, they may throw potions and cast spells to reveal fighter. Hiding and stealth are to be used to attack, not stall match or avoid defeat)

    Chivalry: Divine Fury and Enemy of One permitted (No other chivalry spells permitted including masteries)

    Bushido : Lightning strike permitted (no other bushido moves or masteries permitted)

    Ninjitsu: All moves permitted No Shadow mastery

    Magery: Strength, bless, incognito, polymorph permitted No masteries

    Mysticism: Stone form permitted no masteries

    Necromancy: wraith form, horrific beast, lich form permitted no masteries

    Spellweaving: ethereal voyage, reaper form permitted no masteries


    Round 3

    Weapons chests unlocked and combatants may use weapons from chests (ONLY WEAPONS FROM CHEST)
  • TXEggplantTXEggplant Posts: 164
    We've already had so much fun with this just playing around. What a funny idea and I am looking forward to the mud fights!
    Maith Ceol, Chesapeake
    Governor of Moonglow

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