Runic tools.... isn't it odd that the lower end ones are MUCH MORE used then the higher end ones ?

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I find it quite odd that, due to the Design of the related crafting, the higher end Runic tools, usually, are much less wanted/needed to be used by crafters to make items as compared to the lower end Runic Tools which, instead, are used by the hundreds of charges (sometimes, perhaps, even by the thousands of charges....), usually....

Shouldn't, perhaps, changes be made to crafting so that Crafters in UO were to have more good reasons and motifs to want to use higher end Runic Tools as opposed to wanting/needing to use lower end Runic Tools ?

Just wondering....

Oh, @Kyronix , and if you decide to finally do a revamp of the Crafting content and gameplay in Ultima Online, please, give a look at the entire world of Mondain's Legacy craftables which, to my understanding, are pretty much all obsolete in today's UO.....


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    “I made a suggestion before to make the ML craftables reforgeable”
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    “Also, I’m always buying the bronze and gold runics, people need to sell more of these please”
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    1. Remove the limitations on selecting names with higher end runics. If I want to pick vampiric + Auspicious with a val hammer for guaranteed luck 150 and nothing else, let me. 

    ^ This is actually why lower end runics are more desirable. Luck 150, Hci 5, etc Cleaner but imbuable mods. 

    2. Change the Structural, Fortified, Fundamental and Integral.
    Structural - 55 Durability + Brittle + Intensity (Same bump as cannot be repaired+Brittle now)
    Fortified - +50 Durability
    Fundamental - +50 Durability
    Integral + 50 Durability

    This means you could use 4 charges of a low end runic to give something 205 Durability while reforging, but it's brittle. 

    In case people didn't know a 255 durability item has about 50% more lifespan than a 205 Durability item. So it wouldn't be desirable as an option on things like weapons, meaning it shouldn't tank the pof market. 

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    Crafting has needed a lot of work for a long while now. 

    Edit: Now that i think about it, every class with the exception of warrior and tamer has needed work for a long long time. This game has shifted and favored those two classes for over a decade. 
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    Warrior has no change, even sampire is based on bushido, chivalry, necromancy... up to age of samurai. That was ages ago. Only tamers are revamped several times. 

    Every non crafting template had a boost with mastery.

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  • This is the case due to cost of high ends, lack of farming of high ends and lack of peoples understanding of how to use them.
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