June 2022 Chesapeake Events and Welcome to all New and Returning Players

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There are a lot of different events that are hosted by very dedicated players each week on Chesapeake. There are also one time special events planned for the upcoming month's. These events are designed for all players to participate, regardless of your skill type. If you have problems with completing any of the prerequisites for these events, there are always players willing to help. If you have an event or correction for date and/or time of existing event, please contact me and I'll update the event schedule.

Events are listed for Eastern Time
Events are open to all players

Daily Events:

June 3rd 8:00 pm (Friday) Shadowguard Room Help
June 4th 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm (Saturday) Find the DJ & WIN!
June 4th 7:00 pm (Saturday) Deal or No Deal ~ UO Style
June 6th 8:30 pm (Monday) Shadowguard Roof
June 7th 9:00 pm (Tuesday) PaxLair Meeting
June 8th, 9:00 pm (Wednesday) The Sultans Birthday
June 9th 7:00 pm (Thursday) Governor Candidates' Forum
June 10th 8:00 pm (Friday) Shadowguard Room Help
June 10th 9:00 pm (Friday) Auction
June 12th 7:30 pm (Sunday) White Net Toss
June 13th 8:30 pm (Monday) White Net Toss
June 13th 9:30 pm (Monday) Shadowguard Roof
June 14th 9:00 pm (Tuesday) PaxLair Meeting
June 16th 8:00 pm (Thursday) [Dark] Fathers' Day
June 17th 8:00 pm (Friday) Shadowguard Room Help
June 18th 6:00 - 9:30 pm (Saturday) UO Rad(io) is celebrating its 15th year of running Deal or No Deal on Chessy
June 20th 8:30 pm (Monday) Shadowguard Roof
June 21st 9:00 pm (Tuesday) PaxLair Meeting
June 22nd 9:00 pm (Wednesday) Feekals Workshop
June 24th 8:00 pm (Friday) Shadowguard Room Help
June 24th 9:00 pm (Friday) Auction
June 27th 8:30 pm (Monday) Shadowguard Roof
June 28th 9:00 pm (Tuesday) PaxLair Meeting

Monthly Events:

June 1st - 30th FIZHING CONTEZT!!!!!!
June 1st - 30th City of Yew Beast of the Month for June

Future Events:

July 4th 8:00 pm (Monday) The City of Yew's Fourth of July Celebration

Notes on Events:

Completion of all the Shadowguard rooms are required (Time of Legends is required)
Roof will be done after the White Net Toss on the 2nd Monday of the month
Tuesday's are PaxLair meeting at 9:00 pm (Don't have to be a member to attend)
Thursday's are Game Night at 8:30 pm, (Events and locations are announced at PaxLair meeting and are open to all players)
Anyone can sponsor the Thursday Night Game Night. This can be anything you would like to do, hunting, games, tavern night.
Auction at Da Magincia Aucshun Houze in New Magincia (Someone will be there an hour before auction to accept items)
White Net Toss is on Pitmuck Island
Fishing Contest, Fish of the month to be announced. Fish is listed in book at Da Magincia Aucshun Houze FIZHING CONTEZT!!!!!!

Links to Events:

Mistaken Identity Mistaken Identity – Ultima Online (uo.com)

BMV Ararat - Exploring the Deep BMV Ararat – Exploring the Deep – Ultima Online (uo.com)

Twisted Weald Twisted Weald – Ultima Online (uo.com)

Zippy The Zealotry of Zipactriotl – Ultima Online (uo.com)

Queen Exterminating the Infestations – Ultima Online (uo.com)

Pitt's The Myrmidex Threat – Ultima Online (uo.com)

Charybdis Charybdis – Ultima Online (uo.com)

Roof Shadowguard – Ultima Online (uo.com)

Corgul Corgul the Soulbinder – Ultima Online (uo.com)
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