Governmental Disaster...

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The best part of of being a Captain of a Pirate crew, Unlimited resources and spies. As Suka slinked her way across Skara Brae she was careful not to be seen by the rangers patrolling the city. Sneaking around has slowly started to become difficult. Everyone was looking out for her. In her mind, that only meant more would die in the name of Chaos and disorder. This made Suka smile. As she approached the Governors office, she sat and waited until the guard walked off, she would handle him later and add another Blackthorn lackey to her long list of people who just got in her way.

She quietly slipped into the Governors office and waited. She knew Amira's schedule, and She knew who would be there. Not long after sneaking in, The door opened and the previous Governor, Tobin appeared. The woman looked around and murmured, “Back to work here after all..” Suka smirked, and stepped out from the darkened corner, “You think so?”. Before Tobin could let off a scream, Suka backhanded the poor woman, knocking her across the office. “Ah ah.. No screaming, We're not going to be found yet.” Tobin struggled to get up, but Suka continued to rain punches down on her. Blood spattered from the cuts that formed on her face. She struggled to breath.

Suka finally paused and took several breaths. She looked down at the battered and bleeding woman and grinned. “Sorry, But you really shouldn't have taken Amira's offer to retake the Governorship.. I kind of like having a weak willed Governor here...makes my business dealings a lot easier.” Suka then Dragged Tobin's limp form onto the desk and pulled out a dagger. “Though I will admit, I may have been able to break you down as well as we did her....but Honestly, we just don't have the time for that.” She starts to carve into Tobin's arms, the poor woman grasping for breath, strangled whimpers, unable to move from the beating she took. Once Suka was done writing her message on the woman's skin, she stood and smiled and simply crept out of the office, to end the life of the Blackthorn Guard on duty.

Once she effectively strung the body up into a tree where he would be found later, Suka heard the voice of the Governor as she approached the office. Greeting the towns folk timidly. Suka watched as she entered the office, and a ear piercing scream fell over Skara Brae.

((All parties involved agreed to the story having actually happened. RIP Tobin))
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