Learning to PvP

JamesJames Posts: 81
There have been numerous players express a desire to learn how to PvP. Ultima Online has the perfect place for you to get started in PvP and test your abilities. There are PvP Arenas in Felucca and Trammel designed for both the beginner and experienced player. You can control all aspects of your PvP experience while getting a feel for fighting other players. There is an NPC on site to stable and claim pets and rez you if you fail.  ;)

Arena Information: Player v. Player Arenas – Ultima Online

I have placed a Rune to the Haven (Trammel) PvP Arena on the steps of the Beast of the Month Castle, located South of the Yew Moongate just before you reach the road (47-33'N x 35-22'W.)
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