A Final act of Insanity....

SukaSuka Posts: 6

The first thought running through Suka's mind as she sat there in the darkness, 'Dammit, these hedges are itchy.' Her black rabbit head tilting as she watched the Governor's office closely, a Single guard paced around outside the door. Well, this will make things fairly simple. She waited until many of the dock workers were gone for the evening, and the Guard, Vance, leaned upon the door to rest for a moment. She noticed the armor was that of the Kings Guard, Oh boy, this may be harder than she thought.

With quick action, Suka transformed back into her human self, and knocked the guard in the head with the butt of her blade. He grunted, but did not go down as she wanted. No, this one fought back. Suka is a great many things, but a close ranged fighter that can stay put and fight, she was not. Survival took over as she dodged the guards Bardiche. She was quick, but not quick enough to dodge the swipe to her midsection. She let out a cry as she doubled over in pain.

This gave the guard pause, “A .. Woman?” Throwing her hood back, Suka grinned insanely, “Yes, a Woman.” With quick reflexes, taking full advantage of the guards hesitation, Suka lunged, and stabbed Vince in the eye with her dagger. He fell back into the hedges, dying almost instantly. It's possible, but not many would survive a dagger through their eye and into their brain. Looking around, Suka made sure no one else was there to see what had happened. Pulling her hood back into place, she quickly swung the door to the office open, and with grunts of pain and effort, dragged the large body of Vince into the office. “Should of.. brought Blue with me.. heavy bastard...”

After getting the body inside, she shut the door and looked around at the near perfect office. Rolling her eyes, she first wrapped her waist, stopping herself from bleeding out all over the office and muttering profanity along the way. Once that was done, she got to work. She began unbuckling, and cutting away the guards armor and clothing, tossing them all over into odd places. The hardest part was dragging the big guard onto the desk itself. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out very large nails.. and began hammering them into his hands, Nailing him to the desk. By that time, blood covered the floor and walls. She sat in the chair and admired her work for a moment.

With a sadistic grin, Suka pulled out pink paint, and began pouring it onto the body of this guard, and using the mix of blood and paint to draw on the walls. Leaving the Governor a message, 'No one is Honorable..' With her final act of insanity before leaving the office, she leaves a dead bird on the guards chest and murmurs, “Have fun with this, Governor Chanticleer....”

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