If you want something done.......

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Two things went through Suka's mind as she sat there staring at the parchment in front of her:

    One-What sort of idiot doesn't check his surroundings before attempting an assassination? And two- What sort of freaking idiot gets taken out by a Bane Dragon?!

With a sigh she tosses the parchment into the fireplace and sips her wine. Pitr was useless, an easy mark for any novice assassin, hardly worth her time. So she sent out a novice, John, James, Jimmy? She couldn't be bothered to even remember the boys name. No matter, if you want something done right, you do it yourself.

The first step to any good assassination, check your surroundings and get a clear schedule of your mark's day to day life. That is exactly what Suka set out to do. Her rabbit form helped her be unseen my human and elven eyes as she follows Pitr through New Magincia, and town to town as he stopped at many libraries. This elf was so predictable. He would leave his Bane Dragon outside, and sit for hours and go over books and scrolls.

As Pitr sat in the library in Moonglow, the first order of business was to disable his pet bane dragon. Easy enough, she simply dropped a large hunk of meat laced with a sleeping potion near the animal and waited. Suka is indeed a merciless killer, but this animal was not her target, this animal only did what it was trained to do, she had no ill will towards it. Minutes had passed, and the lizard was fast asleep. She looked around, waiting for mages to pass as she quietly slipped into the library and hid among the rows and rows of books. She watched Pitr focus his eyes on a scroll, nothing around him drawing his attention away.

Suka carefully pulled a dart from her cloak, she dipped it into a vial of toxic green poison and loaded the dart into the reed straw. Poison, was her favorite way to end lives, less messy and easier to get away with. Taking aim, and a deep breath, she blew into the reed straw, sending the dart flying and landing into Pitr's neck. She watched the elf jump from his chair, yelping and ripping the dart from his neck, but it was too late. Pitr dropped to his knees and gasped for air, his eyes and nose began to bleed. He coughed on his own blood and collapsed heavily to the floor.

Before she could go and retrieve her dart, Mages flooded into the Library, all attempting to help the fallen Governor, Suka had to leave quickly, her job was done... Or so she thought.......For now, she would return back to the Haunt, and make sure her guest was comfortable in that cell. No need to torment the innocent little Governor. With Anne and Kaz both suffering injuries by her's and her Crew's hand, Suka was able to relax for a short while. The plan is set, now she waits.....

(Disclaimer- All parties involved gave 100% permission for this great piece of Roleplay. This story is for your entertainment, not to be used IC until it is learned IC. Enjoy!)

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