A Story of Loyalty and Love.....

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Hello, I bet you're wondering who I am, or rather, What I am. My name is Vasxenmani, you can just call me Vaxime. I am an adorable Bane Dragon, with a loving pet elf. His name is Pitr.

Right now, Pitr has me sat outside of this library here in Moonglow as he goes over book after book. Its so boring! You see, he has this fascination that this Blackthumb fellow murdered this Dewy lady? I don't know, I just listen to him ramble on about it a lot. He is my favorite pet, and I love him a lot.

As I sit here, and watch my pet elf reading over parchments, I see a shadow around the building. From my experience, Shadows mean trouble! So I carefully trot over to it and see a man, cloaked in black and a bow , pointed at the window. Well that's odd. Wait! That's MY pet hes got that bow pointed at! I quickly look for some human or elf to notice, but none were there. Okay, It's up to me! Quickly, I ran upon this shadow, when he turned his gaze upon me he shook in fear! His bow pointed to me, and as he released his arrow, I pounced! The Arrow went past my beautiful scales into a wall, and before the shadow could make a sound.....

I Bit his head off! Oh no, Maybe that was a bit too much? Oh dear, What do I do?! There's blood everywhere! Okay, Vaxime, think! Oh! I got it! I'll just eat him! As I sit here, chewing on this Shadow guy, I realize how impressive I am and my Pet Elf doesn't even know it. That's okay though. Even though he's a little slow, I love him anyway.

(This story was written in the voice and personality of Pitr's Bane Dragon. He asked me to write this up, I hope I did his sweet Vaxime justice!)

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