A Rabbit in the Night..

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The evening was dark, no moon shone through the clouded skies. As Idril sat comfortably in her office, going over paper after paper. A tiny, black rabbit sat silent in the corner of the room watching her closely. There were perks to this ability, rarely would this rabbit be seen unless she wished to be seen.

As Indril rose from her seat and left the office, the rabbit shifted, and out stepped Suka from the shadows. With a dark smile, she pulled a green vial from her pocket, and poured it into Idril's cup of tea. Quietly she resumed her rabbit form and waited. After a short time when Idril returned, sipping her tea as she worked, Suka could not help but silently giggle with glee, the show was just about to begin after all!

Five minutes passed, Idril began to sweat, her breath quickens and labors drastically. Her cry of pain suddenly vibrated through the office. Suka shifted her form, and slowly stepped out into the light, “Well, that certainly seems to have done the trick. Also don't speak...You'll just end up weaker.” Suka grinned sadistically as she sat at the edge of Idril's desk, watching her suffer. “I don't want you dead, not yet. I DO after all owe you from saving me from the dumb brute at your Tavern. I do, want you to suffer a little. You see, ratting me out was a dumb move, I didn't appreciate it. So let this stand as a warning, stay out of our way, and I wont come back to finish the job.”

As Idril passed out, Suka draped a blanket over the Governor's shoulders. She skipped her way out of the office, smiling and crossing out a name to her list.......

(All Writing is In Character and should be treated as such, This was also Agreed upon. Please do not use OOC Knowledge In Character.. Thank you for reading!)


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    Idril moans, and slowly opens her eyes. Her head is pounding. Slowly, she lifts her head and looks around. She removes the blanket and tries to sit up. The room appears to be spinning, she falls back down. She lays there for a minute as she tries to gather her thoughts. What happened?

    As Idril tries to remember, she manages to sit up. She looks around the room. She is on the floor of her office. She remembers doing paperwork and sipping her tea. She remembers starting to feel ill and having difficulty breathing.

    Then she remembered, the shadow coming from the corner …Suka! Suka was in her office; she must have put something in her tea. She remembers a warning, Suka’s parting words, “…stay out of our way, and I won’t come back to finish the job.”

    Idril sits there for a few minutes, pondering all that has transpired. She thinks about how this came to pass. She remembers peaceful times, the beauty of the worlds she has visited and been a part of.  She thinks about the Druids and their warnings. Then, she remembers, she is the Governor of Yew. Yew stands for truth and justice. She knows what she must do, JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED!

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