Battle Lust Item Property not working

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Hey @Misk, I've been testing different damage stuff and was messing with Battle Lust today. I cannot figure out any way to get this property to deal additional damage. I'm fairly certain it is just broken and not working. I will be happy to be wrong.

All testing in Enhanced Client. 0% Damage Increase and 100% Damage Modifier.

The system message "The damage you received fuels your battle fury." does appear when you have a weapon with the Battle Lust property equipped, you aggress a target, and receive damage from any attacker.
-No increase in damage to a target ever occurs (that I can determine). PvE or PvP.

Originally Battle Lust was defined as being part of Damage Increase.
-No Damage Increase from Battle Lust appears in the character sheet, nor is Attack Damage increased as you gain Battle Lust.
-Has Battle Lust been changed from Damage Increase to Damage Modifier?

-No buff icon appears for Battle Lust, although it is in the client files (this has been reported previously).

Battle Lust definitions vary. One definition indicates a 3% DI gain for 5 levels for each target aggressed (cap 45% PvP, 90% PvE), when you receive damage.
-This does not occur (again, not that I can determine). You can aggress 5 targets, be taking damage from all 5 over multiple hits, yet no increase in damage dealt out to a target is ever seen.
-The system message "The damage you received fuels your battle fury." appears only once every second, even with 5 attackers damaging you every second. Which leads to the next description.

The second description of Battle Lust indicates that Battle Lust builds every 2 seconds, but you lose 1 level every 6 seconds. If this is true you should be able to build to 15% increase (7.5 PvP) by 14 seconds (one attacker), or 90% increase (45% PvP) by 90 seconds (requiring six attackers).  
-This does not occur. Aggressed against 4 targets and taking damage from all 4 targets every second, for 90 seconds, no increase in damage dealt against a target ever occurs. 
-The system message "The damage you received fuels your battle fury." does appear once every second, even with 4 attackers damaging you every second.
-Even one damager over time (14s) should build a noticeable 15% increase (DI or Modifier) to damage dealt to a target, but that is not occurring.

It appears to me Battle Lust was altered from the original description towards the second description, but the alteration was never completed, the buff icon never deployed, and the property is currently not functioning.

I would love for you or Bleak or Big K to jump in here and say, "No it's fine, this is how it works..."

Thanks, you all have a good day. 


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    I too kind of noticed that the battle lust doesn't seem to really do anything and chalked it up to maybe not knowing how it was supposed to work. Good to know I wasn't the only one experiencing it.

    FYI - I don't think Misk actually checks the forums... might need to tag another Dev for an answer.
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    The lack of visibility in the buff bar for when this is active is part of the problem. I had tested for PvP with a few accounts doing small damage.  I was not getting damage bumps, but I chalked it up to the harm spam from other accounts not being high enough to actually trigger the battle lust (even though I was getting the message).

    My research indicates it is supposed to be a damage modifier.  It is possible that it is applying it as damage increase and that is also why you don't see a bump.

    There is at least 1 thing broken, maybe 4 things.  I doubt it will get looked at.  Such is UO.
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    “The OP said he tested with 0 damage increase so should’ve noticed a difference in damage if that was the case

    (I also found no damage increase a while back when I was testing this property for PvM weapons and chalked it down to me being an idiot and not understanding the 2 damage caps)
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  • Arroth_ThaielArroth_Thaiel Posts: 1,033
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    Yeah, I've tested with 0% DI and only the Base 100% Modifier. I've tested in both PvP and PvE settings. I tested with 1 attacker and with 5 attackers. I personally cannot determine any additional damage output from Battle Lust no matter what I'm doing. I get the message that you've gained in fury, but absolutely no additional damage ever happens.

    If it's working, I cannot determine the mechanic at all. I think Battle Lust is not working, but the system message is still triggering.

    I've now tested 34 other damaging "actions" and have been able to determine the mechanic, the type (DI or Modifier), and the % for each of those 34. I'm pretty confident that my testing methodology is good, and either Battle Lust is not working, or I'm completely missing something obvious with this damaging "action". 
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    "it is a real shame this is not functioning,
    someone's work has been wasted,
    so many people have weapons both loot and reforged with this property,

    the debuff already exists (but is not displayed)
    and you do already get a the system message when you hit something.

    It is a real shame, it is like this game is beta and hasn't been completed"
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