Stories of Days Gone By

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I did not know where to start placing some of these memories, so I figured here was just as good a place as any. Feel free to share tales of the game from the early days, since that is what will mostly be the focus here, that, and getting whacked, robbed, cheated, or hoodwinked the first time.

For some reasons, my most fond memories now are of those early days when horror was around every corner.

I remember I started playing after watching my daughters gaming on UO. We used the same account, which exists to this day. I started a crafter (Ghost of Gramps) and built skill up making things for her. I made a nice little suit for her of leather, all dyed in red, a nice little bonnet, and a cape of the same color. Bo Peep in Hell, she was. We started playing under the old rule set, when all was Felucca. She would go out taming cats, dogs and sheep to build up her skill set in that direction. Shortly after Trammel and Felucca came along, she was signed on somewhere, looking for a house. This was on Atlantic in those days, and even then a spot was hard to find. Sitting by her watching her walk around Haven, a nice character came up and asked her if she was looking for a house. She said she was. He popped open a red gate, and she walked through, her recent tame of a sheep following behind her. Why not. He seemed like such a friendly chap. Right beside the water was this lovely little Classic of just one room. It was perfect. Nice starter home. He invited her in, and she looked around, not that there was much to look at but a table in the middle of the room. She realized suddenly he was attacking her and she ran for the door, but he had locked it. She ran around the table and as she did he chased her around and around, all the while stabbing away. Before my eyes my daughter was being murdered. She eventually turned ghost. He then killed the sheep. I do not remember if there was insurance in those days, or if we did not know about those things yet, but he stripped her down to nothing. She just looked up at me and said, "Dad?" I was mortified. Somehow we got her ghost back to Trammel and a rez. I do not think I let her play UO for a couple of months after that, so traumatized was I by the whole affair.

All good fun looking back now. Those were good days.


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    I remember a time long ago when much was possible that is not so today.
    I once had a nice home along the water near Cove, in Felucca, on Atlantic shard, beside the road that runs to Vesper, right there by the guard post. I was crafting some items when a Red by the name of Brass Monkey ran by. I smiled, paying him little mind, for I was snug within the confines of my home. 
    He ran by a couple of more times, then stopped to the southwest corner of my home, right by where my crafting shop was, and I was hammering away.
    Then, he began casting a Blade Spirit, and darn if it did not pop right into my craft shop inside my home plot. I was startled to say the least, and ran for the door to get out. The Blade Spirit followed me everywhere I went inside my home, cutting me as I went. It was just a matter of time before I bled out. 
    What a name for a character, Brass Monkey. Even more, what ingenuity to figure out the possibility that there was a flaw in the game mechanics of that time that allowed him to use Circle of Transparency to look inside my house and then cast Blade Spirits onto an available space inside my home and put an end to me.
    Memories from UO, almost like they are real, and then again, they are.
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